The Elements Kit

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The Elements Kit:

  • Element 7 50ml bottle of Flynn's 7H ceramic coating
  • Element 9 50ml bottle of Flynn's 9H ceramic coating
  • Element Prep 32oz surface prep spray to ensure there are no waxes or residues on the vehicle surface for the coatings
  • Element Renew 16oz water based ceramic spray to boost the ceramic coatings gloss and hydrophobic properties
  • Two Micro-suede applicators
  • Two 16x16 inch 70/30 blend microfibers 
  • One Pair of nitrile gloves

This is the Ultimate ceramic kit known as  The Elements. You will have everything needed to prepare your vehicle for a coating Element Prep. Apply our Element 9 & Element 7 coatings micro-suede applicators and microfibers. Element Renew to enhance and maintain your coatings gloss and hydrophobic properties.

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