• Microfiber Towel


    These plush Microfiber towels are a 70/30 blend of Polyester and Polyamide with a silk boarder. These microfibers are 16x16 inch and the recommended cloth to use on your vehicle. Our Microfibers come with an easy tare off tag to ensure it is out of your way. They are ideal in wax, polish, compound removal and even can be used for drying your vehicle off and cleaning your windows.
    For best results with your microfibers we recommend that you use them for a dedicated job to not cross contaminate products. (Wax and glass cleaner on the same cloth would affect how both products worked.) 

    Cleaning: Microfibers should be washed with other microfibers and a small amount of detergent. DO NOT use any type of fabric softener or dryer sheet these products will leave a residue on the microfiber that will affect its performance.