Element Renew & Prep Spray Kit

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Element Renew & Element Prep are packaged together in this little bundle. Allowing you to have  Element Prep to make sure your surface is primed and ready for Element Renew. Ideal for maintaining ceramic coatings gloss and hydrophobic property Element Renew can also be used by its self for amazing results. Element Renew can be used to replace traditional waxes and polymers with this easy to use water based ceramic. Allowing you to get the super high gloss and water shedding of a ceramic coating with out one. Element Renew is a ceramic based product with a shorter life span due to it being a water based product.

  • Element Renew & Prep Kit is reduced by 15% normal cost if you purchased these products individually
  • Super easy to use process with simple spray on wipe off application, sprayers included
  • Element Prep is safe on all painted surfaces and works well as a glass cleaner substitute
  • Element Renew an easy to use water based ceramic giving up to 4 months of protection
  • Ultra high gloss and hydrophobic combination