Element Prep Spray

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Element Prep is the ideal cleaning agent to ensure that you get the best bond between ceramic coatings and your vehicle surface. Element Prep is designed to strip the vehicle surface of any waxes, synthetic polymers, and or any residues left behind from buffing compounds. Element Prep is a specific blend of Isopropylene alcohol, cleaning surfactants & a mild foaming agent to ensure you have sufficient lubricity to avoid any scratching or marring.

  • Element Prep is a safe prep spray that will not over soften the clear coat like other harsher surface preps can
  • Sold in a large 32oz container ensuring you have enough Element Prep for multiple jobs
  • Fast drying ensuring that you can get to applying coating faster
  • Element Prep has a pleasant scent with no harsh chemical smell
  • Element Prep can double as a great glass cleaner
  • Sprayer included, threads directly to the bottle