Element 9 Kit

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Element 9 kit:

  • Element Prep (32oz) spray to remove any wax or buffing compound residue on the vehicle surface
  • Element 9 our 50ml bottle of ultra gloss hydrophobic ceramic coating with a 9H hardness
  • Element Renew (16oz) water based ceramic designed to boost your ceramic coatings gloss and hydrophobic properties
  • Two Micro-suede applicators
  • Two plush 16x16 inch, 70/30 blend microfibers
One pair of nitrile gloves

The Element 9 Kit gives you everything you to apply a long lasting nano crystalline coating on your vehicle. The Element 9 coating can protect up to 48 months with one coating. Nano technology makes the vehicle surface smooth like glass making the vehicle reflect more light. Enhancing the shine and making water and other liquids glide right off the surface. Element Prep 32oz is provided to clean and prepare the surface for your ceramic coating. Element Renew 16oz is designed to enhance and maintain the gloss and hydrophobic qualities of your ceramic coating.
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