• Element 7 - Ceramic Coating

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    Flynn's Detail Products Element 7 ceramic coating is the newest and most advanced hydrophobic ceramic coating in the world. Element 7 is a crystal clear long lasting paint protecting coating. Protecting your vehicle from harsh elements and pollutants. Making cleaning your vehicle easier with its super hydrophobic protection, allowing dirt and debris to easily wash off.

    • Element 7 provides up to 24 month protection with one application
    • Element 7 surpassed the 7H pencil hardness test
    • Protects against UV damage, fading, acid rain & corrosion
    • Self cleaning hydrophobic effect as water rapidly glides from the surface carrying dirt with it
    • Nano crystalline technology fills in the surface of the vehicle creating a glass like smooth surface enhancing the shine. The smoother surface reflects more light creating a higher luster
    • Proudly Manufactured in the United States

    For best results we recommend using Element Prep to clean and prepare the surface for the coating. Element 7 comes with two Micro-suede applicators and a single pair of nitrile gloves. 

    Recommended to wear gloves and eye protection. Make sure you have sufficient ventilation when applying coating.