Ceramic Mist 16oz

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Ceramic Mist is the newest and greatest leap forward in ceramic technology and usability. We have managed to develop a ceramic product that is as easy to apply as a spray wax with the benefits, characteristics, and durability of a ceramic coating.

Application is now as simple as spraying the product onto a clean dry vehicle and wiping away the product with a clean microfiber. Leaving behind a 5H level of coating that will last 9-12 months. To avoid over spray onto unwanted surfaces you can spray directly onto a microfiber or applicator and work the product onto the surface. Then buff out to a shine with a clean microfiber.

Ceramic Mist is able to be stacked on coatings or itself to enhance the longevity and depth of gloss.

  • Easy spray on application
  • 5H Ceramic Protection
  • 9-12 months of protection applied in minutes
  • Able to work large areas with new formula
  • Hydrophobic and super glossy finish
  • Product can completely coat multiple vehicles with one bottle

Only available in 16 oz bottles currently. Each bottle includes a trigger sprayer and shipping is FREE! Take advantage of our new product and Christmas Holiday pricing saving $50 dollars!